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St Antony’s Catholic Primary School

St Antony Children make Bread & Sandwiches

St. Antony is known for helping and being charitable. Giving food to people in need when he could but always sharing the food of life - Gospel Knowledge.
The story is told of a mule that gave worship and reverence to the blessed host at the command of St Antony.
On Wednesday our children made bread (Design and Technology, Science, Math) and different sandwiches (Shapes Colour Flavours) while talking about the importance of sharing. They loved it. I am hopeful that some of the newly baked bread will reach home.

WE are Proud of you!

Bread Sandwich 1

Bread Sandwich 2

Bread Sandwich 3

Bread Sandwich 4

Bread Sandwich 5

Bread Sandwich 6

Bread Sandwich 7

Bread Sandwich 8

Bread Sandwich 9

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