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St Antony’s Catholic Primary School

School Information

St Antony’s is a Catholic school and we work closely with our priests and the parishioners of our local church St. Antony’s, as well as our diocese, Brentwood. We are proud to be part of the London Borough of Newham, showcasing that ours is a school blessed with strong roots and rich in cultures and languages.

Our Mission Statement at St. Antony’s Catholic School:

  • We celebrate our special talents as children of God:
  • We try to be like Jesus and always keep him in our hearts
  • We work together in our homes, school and parish to share our gifts and learn together
  • We understand that we are all different but we respect each other
  • We look after our world so that we may share it together in peace

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We call St Antony’s Catholic School “The school of surprises”, because there is always something exciting happening! Our motto is “Learning Together” – that is children, staff, parents and governors all learning and working together. Our children enjoy being taught in the classrooms, however, they also love to go out to museums, galleries, theatres and concert halls. These trips out allow them to learn about our city and the wider world.

Please find our performances based on and in accordance with the DfE here

Staffing & Deployment for the Academic Year 2017-18

The Academic year 2017-18, will begin with the full complement of staff in place across the school, deployed as indicated below- including phase leaders and PPA cover.

Class Teachers Year Group Education
Cover / Interventions
Phase leaders

Miss Wade
Miss Baptiste
Mr   Chan
Ms Rattan
Ms Olivea

Ms. Anderson (SD)


Mrs Joseph (Cover TA)
Mr Gomez (Cover TA)

Mrs Radia (Cover TA)


Mr Chan ( Music)

Mr Gomez (MFL)

Ms Olivea (GPS, More Able)

Mrs Joseph
Ms Rattan ( Mathematics)
Mrs Radia

Ms Wade
KS2 Phase Leader
Ms Baptiste
Shadow Phase Leader
Mrs J Wiere 5

Mrs Carver  (Cover TA)

Mrs Verdant (HLTA)


Mrs Verdant

Mrs. Oforiwaa

Mr Khan ( PE)

Mr Chan (Music)

Mr. Spence

Mrs. Oforiwaa


Mr Khan

Mrs. Mascharenhas

Ms. Heyman 4

Mrs Trandafir

Ms Charlemagne

Willow Mrs Shirley (HLTA)
Mr Chan
Mrs Verdant
Ms. Surage 4

Mrs Shirley (HLTA)

Mrs Mirza

Mrs Ellis
Ms Mirza
Ms Olivea
Sister Lavi
Reading & Maths G&T Writing
SEN Teacher
Reading & Writing Interventions.
Miss Paul &
Mr Morgan (NQT)

Ms Hetherington

Mrs Loh
Mrs Mobio


Mrs Verdant
Miss Hetherington

Mr . Curran

Mr. Howard

Miss Baptiste
(SENCO, Transition phase Lead)

Mrs McDonald (Shadow Phase lead Transition  & KS1)
Miss Paul ( Shadow)
Mrs Seshie( Shadow)

Mrs Nazir

Mr Curran



Mrs Panasar 

Mr Howard (Admin)

Mr Curran (Whole School ICT yr 1 – 4 + 6)

Mrs Seshie 2 Miss Elmes  (HLTA)
Ms Shanti
Olive Mrs Ellis (SEND interventions)
Sam Elmes (HLTA)
Sam Estepa(HLTA)
Mrs McDonald (SLT) 2 Ms Sam Estepa (HLTA)
Ms Casimir (SNA)
Mrs Connor ( EYFS Cover)
Ms Citalois 1 Mrs Kristina Kaskeliene
Mrs Russo (HLTA)

Ms. Choudhury (SLT)

Ms. Robinson(HLTA)

Mrs Russo (HLTA)

Mrs Patel (interventions)

Ms. Shakeel Shadow phase lead



Ms White Shadow lead EYFS

Ms Akhter 1

Ms Robinson (HLTA)

Ms Johnrose

Ms. Shakeel Reception Mrs  Huma Sohail
Mrs Romero

Ms Choudhury
Mrs Russo

Mrs Maila

Mrs Hamilton

Miss Morgan (SD) Reception Ms Maila-Carvajal
Mrs I Hajkowska
Ms Carascossa (NQT)


(3-4 year old provision)

Mrs Borycka-Khan
Mrs Sumi Husssain
Mrs Olala

Mrs Julietta (Volunteer)

Plum…  am
Miss White (Manager)
Ms L De Sousa
(Assistant Manager 2- 3 yo department)
2 Year Old Provision

Ms Martins

Ms Bandoki
Mrs J Hamilton (NN)
Ms Badaloo


Mrs J. Hamilton

Ms Badaloo

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