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St Antony’s Catholic Primary School

Pupil Premium


What’s all the fuss about Pupil Premium? Pupil Premium is free, yes FREE, funding given to a school to help raise the attainment of children who may be from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As you are aware, Newham is a highly deprived borough with high rates of deprivation affecting children. What better way to tackle this than to receive extra funding to help close this attainment gap? For each child on the Pupil Premium register in Reception to Year 6, St Antony’s can receive £1,320.

With a possible 30 children in every class eligible to receive this funding- I’ll let you do the math!

At St Antony’s, this funding is spent on a wide variety of opportunities for the children. We are able to invest the money in the right resources that will support your child’s learning. Some of these include extra support staff, intervention staff, after-school clubs, booster clubs and we are often able to subsidise school trips! Yes it is true that every primary school aged child in Newham receives a free school meal due to an initiative via the Mayor, however, Pupil Premium isn’t just about a free school meal! It enables the school to access funds for qualifying children.

After learning the many benefits of Pupil Premium, I was horrified to learn that only 4 children in my class are on the Pupil Premium register when a possible 26 more children could be! St Antony’s is a voluntary funded school and the Pupil Premium funding could enable more children to benefit educationally. St Antony’s is top in Newham for Contextual Value Added-Pupil Progress and this is partly made possible due to the funding from Pupil Premium.

So what are you waiting for?

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Please complete the eForm application LB Newham Free School Meal via the Newham website https://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/Services/Free-school-meals.aspx for Academic Year 2018 - 2019 to assist us in getting this much needed funding. Thank you! 

A detailed breakdown of the amount the school receives, what it is used for and the impact its spending has on our children. The date of the next Pupil Premium Strategy Review is Summer 2022.

Pupil Premium Grant 2023-24

Pupil Premium Grant 2022-23

Pupil Premium Grant 2021-22

Pupil Premium Grant 2020-21

Pupil Premium Grant 2019-20

Pupil Premium Grant 2018-19

Pupil Premium Grant 2017-18

Pupil Premium Grant 2016-17

PE/Sports Premium 2023-24

PE/Sports Premium 2022-23

PE/Sports Premium 2021-22


Sports Premium 

“One team, One Spirit, St Antony’s!”

At St Antony’s School we consider physical education to be the direct impact on the social, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing to a pupil. An inclusive and balance curriculum is beneficial for increasing self-assurance in their ability to develop themselves and grow in a variety of sports settings. Ensure all pupils are inclusive in physical education we apply the three key aspects: Intent, Implementation and impact.
Intent: What children will experience, be taught & learn in sport. Implementation: Skills, Methodology, Approaches to be taught/used in sport. Impact: Understanding, skills & talents in Sports & Games identified & developed. By following these principles, we are able to develop the whole child and deliver a stimulating, enjoyable, nourishing learning environment for all pupils.
We encourage our pupils to engage in sports activities across the school day and beyond by are staff actively engaging in play during our lunchtime provision and suggesting clubs in house and externally that our pupils can join to further their individual potential and up take a long life of good health and wellbeing.

The Funding is allocated to Primary school head teachers cooperatively by the Department for Education, Media and sport and Health and Culture. In respect the funding is precisely spent on the provision of P.E and sport in schools.

At St Antony’s we use the sports premium funding to make viable and additional improvements to the quality of P.E in which impacts all children. We are always finding new ways to entice and engage all pupils in P.E and sport activities that our school already delivers even at the early year learning stages. We know that the improvements we make now will benefit pupils joining the school in years to come.

Impact of PE and Sport Premium

Sports and P.E is a highly important subject at St Antony’s this funding has enabled the schools thirst for sport to endeavour. Our efforts and attitude towards sports has raised an inclusive sports participation amongst all and profiling within the school.
• All children have the opportunity to participate in sporting activities at lunchtime and afterschool
• We are an associate of the Langdon Academy Sport Partnership which allows access to Partnership competitions, NQT Support and Network meetings which keeps members up to date of any Government and NGBs strategies.
• St Antony’s enters all borough inter-school’s competitions

Our target for future spending is as followed:

St Antony’s will continue to use the P.E and Sport Premium to enter more competitions, participate in the Langdon Academy Sport Partnership, fund our specialist to continue raising the high level of standards of P.E across the school/ responsible for upskilling other teachers. To provide staff with CPD professional development, training and resources to increase confidence, knowledge and skills in delivering P.E and sport across whole school. St Antony’s will think about any sporting trips to broaden experiences of a range of sports and activities offered to all children. Survey and make any necessary improvements to outside areas with creative playground markings. Ensure the renewing/new P.E equipment and playground equipment. Continue to consider more diverse sports activities e.g. swimming, dance, karate, cheerleading.

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