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St Antony’s Catholic Primary School


Head Teacher

Mrs Angela Moore

Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Yvonne Wade

KS2 Phase Lead, Curriculum Lead, RE, RSHE, Citizenship, I AM OKAY(Pupils Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme)

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Rosemarie McDonald

KS1 Phase Lead, Assessment Lead, Phonics and Early Reading Lead

Acting Assistant Head / SENCO

Miss Jenella Baptiste

SEND/Inclusion Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead, English Lead, Intervention Lead for lowest and highest 20%

EYFS Lead & Viridis Manager (2 Year Old Provision)

Mrs Lotoya White

Year 6

Miss Wade, Mrs Oforiwaa (Walnut) & Mrs Uthman

Walnut Assistants:

Mrs Radia (EA)


Almond Assistants:

Mrs Radia (EA)


Year 5

Mrs Nazir & Miss Fils (Chestnut)

Chestnut Assistants:

Mrs Mascarenhas (EA)


Hazelnut Assistants:

Ms Mobio (HLTA)


Year 4

Ms Rubin / Mr Chan (Sycamore) & Mrs Hussein (Willow)

Sycamore Assistants:



Willow Assistants:

 Mrs Shirley (HLTA)

Year 3

Mrs Koti (Cedar) & Mr Curran (Aspen)

Aspen Assistants:

Mrs Carver (SNA)

 Ms Stanley (SNA)

Cedar Assistants:

Mrs Panesar (EA)

Mr Hodges (EA/PE)

Year 2

Mrs McDonald (Palm) & Miss Estepa (Olive)

Olive Assistants:

Ms Dissanayake (EA)


Palm Assistants:

Miss Elmes (HLTA)

Ms Setkauske (EA)                         


Year 1

Mr Gullan (Beech) & Miss Patel (Pine)

Beech Assistants:

Miss Johnrose (EA/Learning Mentor)


Pine Assistants:

Mrs Patel (EA)

Ms Robinson (HLTA)


Mrs Antao (Cherry) & Mrs White (Peach)

Cherry Assistants:

Miss Charlemagne (EA)

Ms Casimir (SNA)

Peach Assistants:

Mrs Olalla (EA)

Mrs Romero (EA)


Mrs Hamilton (Pear & Plum)

Pear & Plum Assistants:

Mrs Samuel

Mrs Hussain

Mrs Martins



Mrs Hazkowska & Mrs Luksa

Viridis Assistants:

Mrs Cochior

Mrs Ogbu


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