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Welcome To Our School!
St Antony’s Catholic Primary School is a happy family and community school, where Christ is our inspiration and model and therefore his principles and precepts are central to all that we do in our learning, living and play. We inspire our pupils to aspire to greatness - to be the best that they can be individually. Consequently, we have very high expectations for all our children and staff for whom we provide an extensive range of learning opportunities and memorable experiences to enable all to reach their fullest potential and make the best use of their God given gifts, skills and talents.
We hope you enjoy our website, whether you are a pupil, member of staff, governor, parent, community member or an aspiring employee or volunteer.  We trust that as you explore, you will truly get a sense of our pride in our children and staff and all their wonderful achievements as well as the enjoyment derived from honest, hard work and a love of learning which permeates all aspects of our school operations.
Finally, we are very proud to say that for the third year running, St Antony’s has been honoured to receive a letter of congratulations and commendation from the Minister of State for School Standards in the Department of Education on our school’s achievement in the SATS.  Our school was acknowledged as being among the top 3% of schools in England.”  What’s our secret? We apply the ordinary magic of hard work, self-belief and determination.
Angela Moore
Head Teacher

Bishop Ro'Zario Greets Head teacher Mrs. A. Moore, and Parish Priest Fr John Jesus.

ST. Antony’s Catholic Primary School
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EYFS AND KS1: Nursery, Reception, Yr1 & 2
Held last week - great parent attendance! Thank You.
Years 3, 4 and 5 will host their ceremony
on Tuesday, 11th July 2017 at 9:30am –School Hall
Year 6 Leavers Ceremony
for year 6 pupils, parents, family, friends and invited guests only -on Thursday 13th July @ 5:30pm.

Special Guest Speaker- Father Dan






From The Head Teacher’s Desk

From The Head Teacher’s Desk

Our Virtue/ Value/ FOCUS for this week is:
Thought for the week:
“ACHIEVEMENT is the outcome of hard work- it is earned through hard graft, commitment and determination.  No amount of dreaming, wishing, hoping or even praying leads to achievement… as achievement is directly linked to action Serenity


  It was the very Blessed Saint…Mother Teresa who famously said: If you have not done the work, don’t bother to pray…because God is a just God!”What this powerful quote is reminding us of, is the old adage that states that:  GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES!
Great achievement does not come easily but is evidence that hard work pays big dividends. Contrary to popular belief: “The most successful people in the world are not at all the most gifted but rather the most driven, creative, committed and doggedly determined. The harder we work for something the better we feel when we achieve it!

We need to teach all our children to aspire to achieve to their fullest potential in all the things that they engage in or have to do- such as learning. Each individual’s potential is commensurate to his/her ability therefore; the measure of our achievement is directly dependent on the amount of effort that we are prepared to make to achieve our goals. The amazing thing is that effort is NOT linked to ability but rather to discipline, diligence and focus! This makes high achievement possible for all …in spite of any challenges that we may face.           A. M. Moore